Special OPS Supporters Club

In Episode 114 of NTOTG, we revealed that there’s a way to support our show financially. This is the site where you do that. Whether you want to become a member of Special OPS or just want to contribute what you can to help support our show, we really appreciate you coming here.

Below is an FAQ for how to donate and where the money will go if you do.

Q: I love your show, and I would like to support it!

A: Hey, thanks! We offer multiple options for support through PayPal.

NTOTG Special OPS, Season Two

    This is our yearly Elite supporters group and there are two ways to join;

Yearly – An annual $50 donation
Monthly – A recurring $5/month payment

Regardless of which option you choose (yearly or monthly), you will receive a custom designed t-shirt, with the design below, that will be only available to Special OPS members, as well as a personal thank you on our next show. There will be a new logo every season, thanks to our awesome Design Czar, Kurt.


Scroll down past the t-shirts to start your membership!

NTOTG Special Ops Recurring Membership
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One-Time Contribution

     – If you give us just one penny of your hard earned money we will give you a personal thank you on our next show.

Click the Buy Now button to make a contribution of any amount. If you give us $50 or more as a one-time contribution, you will become a Special OPS member for one year!



Q: Monthly sounds better, but I don’t feel like remembering to pay it every month.

A: No problem at all, PayPal is setup so that it automatically deducts $5 a month from your preferred payment method. You won’t even have to think about it, and you can cancel at any time after the first year by emailing joe (at) thenatsblog (dot) com.

Q: Why don’t you just get one of those Daily Fantasy sites to sponsor the show?

A: This show has been and always will be about you, the listener. We wouldn’t still be doing this show without your questions and downloads. Therefore, we want to move forward and grow the show with you – not some corporate partner.

Q: I’m a bit short on cash, what else can I do?

A: We understand that not everyone is able to donate, and we really appreciate that you listen to the show. The best thing that you can do is subscribe to the show on iTunes and review us.

Q: Why are you offering Special OPS and the merchandise store?

A: First and foremost, because we love our listeners. You’ve all been asking for more, and we have been working to provide you with more. This is just one way of doing that.

Additionally, new servers, more storage space, and more time spent editing and preparing has meant more money coming out of our wallets, which we’re happy to pay. However, by buying a shirt or becoming a Special OPS member, you’ll be helping the continued growth of this podcast.

Q: What happens if you get more than you need to cover expenses?

A: All money raised over the cost of our expenses will be donated to the Nationals Youth Baseball Academy. We are not making any money on this show at this time.